Dear podruhy and druzi CYM members,

I great you with the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel!

On the flag of every CYM branch, we see St. Michael with a sword and shield. Upon first glance, this warrior’s armour looks like worldly weaponry and yet it is not worldly but heavenly armour. Heavenly armour comprises of divine things – Truth, Mercy, Goodness, Humility, Dignity, Love. Justice overthrows injustice, cooperation creates unity, mercy conquers evil. Therefore, angelic weapons do not destroy and do not kill, rather they build, liberate and multiply the mercy of God.  

Guardian angels, our invisible protectors, are gifted to us by God Himself so that we can attain freedom, dignity and everything that is holy and Godly. On these premises the nation of God is built and is guarded by His angels.

To Ukrainians, and particularly to members of CYM, St. Michael calls us to a sacred goal, to a moral and holy life for the good of our people. He calls us to be disciplined, to practice self-respect, so that we live fully in God’s love. And this we can attain only by trusting God, by prayer and by serving our neighbours.

On this Feast day, God grant all CYM members to reflect on how we each can grow to imitate St. Michael more and more, within our organization, in the work we do, within ourselves. In prayer, turn to him and to your own guardianangel and he will teach each one of us how to don the heavenly armour that continually makes us be better people, pious Christians and loyal members of CYM.

St. Michael the Archangel – pray for us!

Druh о. Andrij Figol

Chaplain KY-CYM Canada

Is your home decorated already with a litograph of St.Michael the Archangel? The litograph titled “Thirst for Life” was painted by famous iconographer Bohdan Holowacki on the occasion of CYM Canada’s 65 anniversary.

The litograph can be purchased at the office of CYM Canada by calling 416.537.2007 or by email – [email protected] or by sending in the attached form