Tarasivka Fund Appeal Update


Launch of Tarasivka Fund Appeal – 6th July 2020


We launched the Tarasivka Fund Appeal in July of this year due to the COIVD-19 pandemic as it became very clear from the beginning, that this would have a very significant impact on the income that Tarasivka generates from its use by our own activities, the events and functions by other Ukrainian organisations, and by organisations that we hire out to. We realized that without this much needed income that we rely on year after year, we would not be able to meet Tarasivka’s fixed costs which include insurance, utilities, and, essential maintenance and repairs that are encountered throughout a typical year.

Planned spending for 2020 on essential purchases and building repairs was also put on hold which included the purchasing of new tables and chairs for the hall. Before the closure of Tarasivka, the volume and quality of chairs was not meeting our needs or the needs of those who were hiring Tarasivka. This was due to the wear and tear over recent years, leaving us with approximately 90 chairs which resulted in us having to hire the chairs from a local company. It is safe to say, that the current chairs have truly served  us well over the last 35 years and we know that new chairs will put us in good stead for the future!

What we have received so far?

As at 25th November 2020, we have received 112 donations totalling £9,710.

As at 25th November 2020 we have received 12 donations totalling £3790.

With a combined total of £13,500 raised so far, this takes us to 45% of our £30,000 target.

This is a positive start and it is with our heartfelt gratitude that we would like to thank every one of you, and the organisations that have supported us.

All of the individual donations made can be reviewed on our JustGiving page – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ukrainianyouthassociation-greatbritain

We would like to share with you the list of organisations and our branches that have donated and again, thank you!

Donations received from:

Ukrainian School Coventry – £50

OUZ Edinburgh – £50

OUZ Coventry – £100

AUGB Reading Branch£200

AUGB Coventry Branch – £100

Donations received from Oseredky

Oseredok Manchester – £200

Oseredok Bradford – £250

Oseredok Nottingham £100

Oseredok Coventry £300

Oseredok Leicester £1,000

Oseredok London £500

How your donations have helped so far

The table below illustrates where we have been able to complete routine maintenance and repairs and the continuation and completion of the hall refurbishment which we started prior to the pandemic.

Hall Refurbishment£6,828
Replacement Lighting£1,045
Replacement Fire Extinguishers£523
General Maintenance and Repairs£3,418
Tractor and mower repairs£518
Sewage repairs£500

Hitting 100% of our fundraising target

As you can see from the table below, hitting our target of £30,000 will have a huge impact on Tarasivka re-opening successfully and being in a great position for all who enjoy the use of Tarasivka – from our annual summer camps to the hiring out, bringing much needed additional income.

Table and Chairs£11,492
Round Tables x12£995
Trestle Tables x40£1,915
250 Chairs£7,770
Storage Trolleys x3£812
Sumenyata Barrack£6,550
Room Window replacements x12£5,500
Camp Beds and Mattresses£2,600
Replacement Mattresses£2,000
Bed Frame Renovations£600

We would like to finish this update with a final massive thank you to everyone and we would encourage those that have yet to donate to do so. You can do this on our JustGiving page or you can donate directly to us. Every donation regardless of amount is an investment in our community and for future generations.

If you are donating to us directly, our bank details are as follows –

Bank: Barclays Plc

Account Name: Ukrainian Youth Association in GB

Sort Code: 20-25-85

Account: 70917559

Ref: please state – TFA / Surname

A sincere thank you from the National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in GB.

Крайова Управа СУМ у ВБ щиро дякує вам