Vyshkil – Day 6


On the sixth day of ‘vyshkil’, campers and ‘komanda’ finaly experienced a rainy day which was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as a result of the rain, the scheduled bonfire was moved to an unknown future date.


Before lunch, campers competed in a history game and listened to lectures concerning Present-Day Ukraine, Religion, CYMoznavstvo, Pedagogy and Leadership.

DSC_0001 DSC_0005

In the afternoon, campers enjoyed a relaxing time beside the pool and continued to work on their projects depicting this year’s commemorative anniversaries. Songs were also learned by the ever-eager campers.


In the evening, instead of having a bonfire, the campers had the opportunity to view the film “Winter on Fire”. Judging by their reactions to the film, it was clear that the film itself impacted them for the better as they appeared to be moved.



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