On March 1 – 3, 2019, the Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada’s Triennial General Meeting was hosted by CYM Edmonton Branch of Ivan Bohun, and took place in the Ukrainan Youth Unity Complex in Edmonton.  A total of 64 delegates and guests participated in the Meeting from the following 10 branches: Winnipeg, Hamilton, Edmonton, Etobicoke, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, St. Catharines and Mississauga. The host the CYM Edmonton Branch simultaneously marked its 70thanniversary.

The General Meeting opened with a prayer and a moment of silence to remember members of CYM who had passed away in the last year, in particular Roman Brytan, long-time member and president of CYM National as well as member of CYM Edmonton. The President of the National Executive, Tamara Tataryn, welcomed all the delegates to the Triennial General Meeting, as well as the participants of the CYM Leadership Seminar.

The Presidium was elected as follows: Chair: Matei Leshchyshyn (Etobicoke), Vice Chair: Zoriana Kilyk (Mississauga), Recording secretaries: Laryssa Stech (Mississauga), Michael Jewczynko (Etobicoke). The first part of the meeting included the traditional adoption of the National Annual reports: the National Executive’s third and final year in office was reported by President, Tamara Tataryn, the Financial Report, the Charitable Trust and Galandiuk Fund reports by Executive Director, Harry Nesmasznyj, Comptroller’s report by Mark Diaczun and for the Grievance Committee, Irene Shust-Dankowycz.

After dinner, the delegates split into two groups: educational counselors analyzed the need to update their various responsibilities; how to present the “ideal lesson”; and share best practices. The organizational session also discussed three topics: financial budgets, CYM101 and a workshop on CYMnet. To end off the first day, the host – CYM Edmonton prepared a fabulous wine and cheese spread.

On Saturday morning, the branch presidents and National Executive met to discuss and analyze the work done in the term as well as other pressing matters, whereas the Educational Council Directors shared their experiences. A joint session of all delegates was then held to address the need of mentorship in the organization. The Educational and Organizational groups split off into their own specific sessions: Educational Session analyzed the responsibilities of parents; while the Organizational Session listened to a presentation about Vilni Lyudy.

After lunch, another two joint sessions were held: the first one to present the criteria associated with CYM’s merit system and the second one to analyze the work of the previous three years and to establish in round-table discussions the priorities for the next three years. 

On Sunday morning, all the Leadership Seminar participants and Plenum delegates attended Divine Liturgy at St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish, where all members were greeted warmly on the occasion of the 70thanniversary of CYM Edmonton Branch as well as Triennial General Meeting. 

The last plenary session was dedicated to the presentation of awards to members:

2ndSuspilnyk – Danylo Feculak (Edmonton) and  Danylo Moussienko (Calgary)

2ndKulturnyk – Maria Krys (Edmonton)

3rdVykhovnyk – Vira Dackiw-Bokalo (Edmonton), Natalya & Oleksandr Melysh (Calgary)

3rdSuspilnyk – Ira Lazar & Yurko Narozniak (Hamilton), Tamara Tataryn (Toronto) and Oksana Bondarczuk (Winnipeg)

as well as those young members who successfully finished all three leadership program modules:

Laryssa Luszczki, Vita Khmil, Sophia Svirsky (Montreal), Natalya Soletsky and Marko Boychuk (Edmonton)

conluding in the election of the new Board for the next three years: 

Yuri Broda (Edmonton)                        –              President

Michael Wowk (Edmonton)                  –              Vice-President

Zenon Ciz (Etobicoke)                         –              Treasurer

Natalya Melysh (Calgary)                     –              Secretary

Natalya Schturyn (Etobicoke) and

Tanya Choly (St.Catherines)                 –              Co-Chair Educational Council

Anna Zakharova (Calgary)                    –             Coordinator, Membership West 

Oksana Stech (Mississauga)                   –             Coordinator, Membership East

Daniel Moussienko (Calgary)                  –             Communications Coordinator

Natalia Kardasz (Etobicoke)                  –             Camp Coordinator

Tamara Tataryn (Toronto)                  –             Past President

Ulana Kawun (Mississauga) (non-voting member) – Representative of Camp Veselka

National Audit Committee:

Paul Cremona (Etobicoke)     –         chair

Marko Diaczun (Etobicoke)       –         member

Ksenia Fedyna (Edmonton)     –         member

Roman Wodzicki (Montreal) –   alternate

National Grievances Committee:

Irka Shust-Dankowycz (Toronto)     –           chair

Hanya Ostapiuk (Hamilton)                –           member

Ariadna Dlugosh (Winnipeg)              –           member

Lida Narozniak (Hamilton)             –           alternate

The National Executive of CYM in Canada wishes to thank everyone who helped to make this Triennial General Meeting weekend possible; to all the guests and guest speakers who generously gave their time and effort to enhance our General Meeting and in particular to the members of the local branch of CYM Edmonton of Ivan Bohun and its president, Laryssa Szmihelsky as well as members of the organizing committee: Darka Luciw, Lida Wasylyn, Irka Szmihelsky, Irene Jendzjowsky and Ivanka Soletsky.  

More photographs can be found under the following link ”CYM Zyizd album”.