Vyshkil’17 – Day 9


The president of the National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association, podruha Tamara Tataryn and a work colleague, Jason Mongrain did a leadership workshop with the whole camp. Podruha Chrystia Holowatska also ran a very creative workshop on lesson and activity planning.

In the afternoon, druh Yuriy Shust practiced some marching drills for the camps closing ceremonies and later druh Nykola Kohut did the low ropes course with the campers before pool time.

In the evening, podruha Andrea Kardasz, the head counselor from the  UYA Kyiv branch in Ukraine ran a session on games and introduced the latest dance craze “the korolivsky bants” of symivtsi in Ukraine.

Before bedtime the campers participated in a game (reenactment) based on the events of Operation Vistula, the forcible deportation of Ukrainians from Ukraine to Poland in 1947.

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