Each summer the Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA) runs summer camps across the globe for all ages. The last four years, UYA of Canada participated in this new summer camp for a special group of children; those displaced by the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Last year’s camp, Architects of the Future, was a grand success, as was last year’s gofundme fundraiser, Send a Ukrainian Displaced Child to Camp, which raised over $10,500 CAD.

With the war in Eastern Ukraine now already in its fifth year and hundreds of thousands of children having lost their homes or having been relocated away from friends and family, it is our hope that you will help us once again to make this year’s camp even better than in previous years!

Many of these children have lost loved ones to this war and others still have parents on the war front.  According to UNICEF, out of the over half a million children currently being affected by the ongoing violence in Eastern Ukraine over 200,000  need urgent support to overcome the trauma of volatile conflict. It is for these reasons that the UYA has decided to run the third in a row camp for Displaced Ukrainian Children.

This year’s camp – KNOW YOUR OWN – will be held once again on the outskirts of Chernihiv, Ukraine from July 29th through August 10th, 2019. UYA volunteers from around the world and traveling at their own expense will keep a watchful eye over the 120 children and youth who will be participating in the camp.  Similar to last year, the Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada has pledged to cover the costs for at least 25 of the 150 participants.  The additional participants will be funded by the Ukrainian Youth Association in other countries.

The cost for a single child to attend a two-week camp (including two travel days) is approximately $300 CAD depending on the value of the Canadian dollar.  This cost includes 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, travel costs for all campers to and from the camp, and any and all activities planned.

This year the Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada has once again committed to a minimum of $7,500 CAD to ensure that as many children as possible can attend.  Funds above and beyond $6,000 CAD will be used for administrative costs and to improve and add activities to the camp.  With an adult to child ratio of no more than 1:10, the Canadian UYA Executive hopes to be able to subsidize travel costs for 3 or 4  volunteer staff that will be participating this year.

PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL AND MAKE YOUR DONATION BY VISITING: https://www.gofundme.com/send-a-displaced-child-to-camp-2019 оr by clicking this button: Please Donate!

Planned activities at this year’s camp include: Sports, arts and crafts, health and wellness, water activities and singing, and will offer the opportunity for these children to make lifelong friends from around the world.

We ask that you visit the Gallery and Updates sections of the campaign page as well, as we will be posting additional information and photographs as they become available.

If you are unable to donate but wish to contribute in another way please email us.

Please note that tax receipts for these donations will not be provided as the funds collected are being used outside of Canada and our charitable status does not apply for these types of donations.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UYA of Canada at: 416-537-2007 [email protected].

A few brief video clips as well as a link to the picture gallery from last year’s camp ”Architects of the Future”.