Ontario Day Camp ”CYM Diaspora 75”


Our day camp has sadly come to an end, but we are ecstatic to hear that everyone had an amazing time!

The theme of the tabir was “СУМ в Діаспорі” as we celebrate the 75th anniversary this year! We created passports and learned about our wonderful international CYM community.

Outdoor activities were another major component of our camp as we loved spending time in the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Visiting the local playground was something that the campers looked forward to every day.

Of course, no tabir would be complete without doing some tie dye! All the shirts and pillowcases turned out looking AMAZING.

Other arts & crafts activities throughout tabir included painting and building bridges (then having a competition to see which one could hold the most weight!)

And we can’t forget about spiv and tanci (singing and dancing)! We sang Ukrainian songs, danced till we dropped and even got the opportunity to drum (as well as play the ukulele for the older group).

Overall, we would like to thank all the campers for making this tabir successful! It was lovely seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as we had fun and did all these awesome activities. We would also like to thank the camp counsellors and organizers who made this tabir possibleви.

Due to requests, we have added two more weeks of tabir for next month! It would be amazing to see both new and familiar faces coming back to have even more fun!

You can find the link to more information here: Ontario Day Camp.


Visit our gallery to see more pictures from Week 1 and Week 2.