Sts. Volodymyr & Olha chapel at Veselka has been successfully renovated


God and Ukraine – two significant and sacred words inscribed on every CYM flag. This motto is a reflection of CYM’s ideals and principals. The first rule for youth specifically states – “Be truthful to God and fulfill all of his commandments”. The first point of the Ten Truths of Druzhynnyky , that is members  18 years and older, also states: “God created your nation and you are a continuation of that nation. Thus, for a CYM Druzhynnyk the nation is the highest ideal, and for the nation (and through it for you) the absolute truth of being is God.”

With the purpose of giving the opportunity to all CYMivci, who were raised through the ranks of the organization and attended camps at Veselka, in 1972 Sts. Volodymyr & Olha Chapel was built by volunteers – a special spiritual place, where they could pray, better reflect on God’s commandments and dive deeper into the relationship between the divine and humans. The chapel was consecrated by the UGCC Patriarch Cardinal Joseph Slipyj, Bishop Isidore Borecky, Reverend-Chaplain Dr. Myron Stasiw and Reverend Mitrat P. Chomyn. Since that day, liturgy has been celebrated at the chapel for over half a century.

Regardless if a person sees the chapel at the camp for the first or tenth time, one will always be left with the impression that he or she is standing on a small parcel of  Ukrainian land outside of Ukraine. The chapel is one of eight CYM chapels, located in North America, Europe and Australia. Furthermore, there are two other chapels dedicated to Sts. Volodymyr & Olha – one at camp Werchowyna, north of Montreal, and one at Tarasivka in Great Britain. All of these chapels form part of CYM’s architectural heritage and are integral parts of each camp.

In order to maintain these historical places of worship and ensure that our youth will have the opportunity to enjoy and utilize them, the organization’s leadership as stewards for the inherited campsites is responsible for their continued existence and viability. It is for this reason, that in this unusual 2020 year, marked by the Coronavirus pandemic that engulfed the entire world, and in which for the first time since 1954 no Sunday Mass has been celebrated due to Government regulations that made it impossible to hold summer camps at Veselka, the Management Board was able to convert a negative into a positive – that is to fundamentally overhaul camp Veselka, especially the 50-year-old pool and the 48-year-old chapel.

The realization of these colossal capital projects was only possible thanks to the generous donations of individuals and families – members and supporters of CYM, related organizations LUC and LUC\w\, community institutions like Buduchnist Credit Union and the Ukrainian community at large. However, in order to complete the work and for CYMivci with God’s blessing to be able to return to a completely renovated chapel in 2021, the Veselka Fundraising Committee is calling on those who have not yet contributed to the revitalization to make a donation. Please click on the button make your donation.

Without the younger generations there is no future. Our investment in younger generations will determine the future. These words, Patriarch Filaret proclaimed when meeting with CYM’s World Executive in 2018 in Kyiv. We express our sincerest gratitude to all donors, past, present and future for their unwavering support for CYM’s work in raising the next generation on a small portion of Ukrainian land outside of Ukraine.  Your support ensures that the next generation has a place to shape a future filled with prayer and understanding of the history and traditions of one’s faith passed on through generations starting with St. Volodymyr’s christening.

Irene Shust-Dankowycz, Member of Veselka Fundraising Committee