CYM’s founding date in the diaspora


After many years of continuous research, we are finally able to confirm that the founding date of CYM in the diaspora was April 25, 1946.

On that day, on Dachauer Street in Munich, Germany, the first organizational meeting by the founding committee took place, convened by a member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), Ivan Wowchuk.

Amongst the people present that day were leading members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) – leader of the youth sector Hryhorii Naniak, his deputy Vasyl Markus’ and Slava Stetsko.

At that meeting the organization’s program and statute (by-laws) were adopted. Later that same day another meeting took place at which the members of the initiative group led by Mykhailo Serdiuk were elected and the founding date of the organization was established – April 25 as the date of the renewal of the Ukrainian Youth Association that had existed previously from 1925 – 1930 in Ukraine.

Further proof that the actual founding date of CYM in the diaspora is April 25, 1946, and not the previously believed dates of June 10 and\or July 6, is the fact that the poster marking the Second CYM Congress, held in Augsburg, Germany 24-25 April, 1948, stated that the founders were organizing the Congress exactly two years to the date of the founding of the organization.

To find out more information as well as additional historical evidence, please read the full article found here (in Ukrainian only):  СУМ в еміграції: як, коли і з чого розпочалася наша історія (CYM v emihratsyi: iak, koly i z choho rozpochalasia nasha istoriia).