CYM Canada’s virtual recreational camp – Day 4


No time to rest…. Today the campers had to get up early once again, pack their backpacks in order to catch the train which would take them to the capital of Ukraine, beautiful Kyiv!

Shortly after arrival in Kyiv, a day-long city excursion awaited them. Podruhy Kateryna and Marichka, their tour-guides showed them Kyiv’s most famous attractions, squares, churches and monuments. As a result, the children got to see Independence Square, Nebesna Sotnia Lane, Saint Sophia, Pecherska Lavra, The Golden Gates as well as many other famous places while learning about their historical significance.

At the end of today’s program, the youngest children got to draw whatever impressed them most of the tour of Kyiv, whereas the older ones got to design their own Ukrainian national symbol, the tryzub in addition to learning their camp song.

Here are only a few photos of our talented artists: