Konkurs Royiv for starshe yunatstvo Zlet 2019

This year the responsible oseredok for Konkurs Royiv was Yonkers.  Lesia Kozicky, LIda Jacewicz, and Sammy Warycha and many annonymous members of the Yonker’s Oseredok organized an interesting and innovative Konkurs.  On Saturday morning the royi of starshe yunatstvo, as part of their competition on Sunday for Konkurs Royi, were given a directive to create a photo montage (on their cell phones) to answer the question:  “What CYM means to me.  The montage the riy members were then required to present to the judges on Sunday as part of the Konkurs Royiv.
Druzhynyk Stepan Shkrobak created a power point presentation of these montages, and we are posting it for you to view.  Enjoy.
Krayova Vychovna Rada greatly appreciates the countless hours of work and thought that was given to this Konkurs by the organizers and also to the judges and persons required to run this Konkurs at ZLET 2019.
SLAVA, SLAVA, SLAVA to the organizers and to Oseredok Yonkers.