Vyshkil – Closing ceremonies


This year’s All-Canadian Counsellor-in-Training camp titled “Estafeta” commemorating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Youth Association ended on Saturday, July 11 before noon.


During the closing ceremonies, the vyshkilnyky received their paricipation certificate and new badges for their uniforms.  Harry Nesmasznyj, this year’s camp director,  in his closing address to the campers and their parents, reiterated that this year’s focus was about self-respect and respect to others.  He also reiterated that this year’s curriculum focused on the current situation in Ukraine and called all the campers to do their part in supporting efforts and campaigns to help Ukraine win the war against Russian aggression. He thanked all members of Komanda, vykhovnyj sklad, the kitchen staff as well as the maintenance crew at Veselka and wished everyone all the best and a safe trip home.


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Here are some pictures of the official closing ceremonies. Additional pictures can be found in the picture gallery.