Vyshkil – Opening Day 2017

On Sunday, July 2, the All-Canadian Counsellor-in-Training camp titled “In the footsteps of Ukraine’s heroes” commemorating the 125th anniversary of Patriarch Joseph Slipyj’s birth officially began at camp Veselka in Acton, Ontario.
A total of 26 participants gathered, including 4 Ukrainian Youth Association members from Alberta and 5 from Montreal. Eight members of Komanda and counselors led by Harry Nesmasznyj – komendant and Natalya Schturyn – head counselor are entrusted with the exciting task of educating, guiding, training and cultivating this enthusiastic group of young people.
Camp officially began with a mass celebrated by Rev. Yuri Tykhyy. During the opening ceremony, a special tribute was given to Canada’s 150th anniversary of its Confederation.
Below are some pictures of the official opening ceremonies along with first night games and icebreakers.
Additional photographs can be viewed here: Vyshkil’17.