United Way campaign



WHEN:   Fall is here! Beginning in OCTOBER many workplaces hold employee charity campaigns for organizations such as the United Way.

FACT:   Did you know that through these campaigns, YOU CAN DIRECT your donation to a charity of your choice?

WHO:   Why not choose the UKRAINIAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (CYM)We hope that you decide to pick us!

HOW?   When completing your donation form at work, you will need to provide the following information:

Charity Name:                                         UKRAINIAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION’S CHARITABLE TRUST

BN/Registration Number:                      108148461 RR0001

Address:                                                  9 Plastics Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 4B6

ADVANTAGES:   $10 per week donation means $520 for your charity for an approximate cost of only $350 to you. For more detailed information, see the following link Charitable Tax Credits.

The Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (CYM) values the potential of every young Ukrainian.

Through weekly programming, summer and winter camps, educational seminars, cultural and sport activities, the Ukrainian Youth Association:

  • Inspires the leaders of tomorrow

  • Instills pride in one’s Ukrainian heritage while promoting Christian values

  • Offers global opportunities for personal growth

  • Builds life-long friendships

Your donation will help provide future generations with experiences of a life time.

CYM needs your support ! Thank you for your consideration!