Day of Commemoration of the Death of OUN Leader Stepan Bandera


On 15th October 2021, we commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the death of OUN leader Stepan Bandera. The Ukrainian Youth Association, as a youth and nationalistic organisation, strongly upholds Bandera as a righteous hero of Ukraine and a symbol of a fighting Ukraine.

Let us ask, why are monuments to Stepan Bandera being erected, why are books being written about Stepan Bandera, why are films made about Stepan Bandera, why is Bandera revered in all corners of Ukraine and far beyond, why are we naming Stepan Bandera as patrons of our branches?

Unlike many leaders of the past and present, Stepan Bandera never betrayed his convictions, never renounced his ideals – not before the threat of losing a government position, ministerial portfolio or comfortable life, but before the threat of losing his own freedom and life.

When the war was over, Bandera miraculously survived, unlike his entire family – his father was tortured by the Bolsheviks, his brothers were murdered by the Nazis … He found himself in the West. Stepan Bandera, when elected leader of the OUN, said: “Thank you. I accept the death sentence”.

He believed in the liberation of Ukraine even in the darkest times, when others gave up helplessly.

Eternal Memory to Him! Glory to Ukraine!