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CYM Global Day of Prayer – 25th April 2021

25th April, 2021, marks 75 years of the Ukrainian Youth Association's re-establishment in the diaspora. This day was declared “Всесвітній День Молитви" by the...

Свято Покрови – Сідней 2020

Неділя 18-го жовтня 2020 СУМівці разом з Сіднейською громадою вшанували пам’ять Степана Бандери та всіх...

Commemorating CYM Geelong’s Patron Stepan Bandera

This Thursday, 15th October 2020, marks an important day in our oseredok’s calendar when we...

“Time to Talk” – Discussion on Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing

CYM Melbourne encourages all to attend an informative and important discussion presented by Peter Shmigel which will...


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