16 March, 2020

Dear Members and Families,

On the 11th of March, 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic, and that every Country, State and City around the world must take drastic action in order to stem the spread of this virus.

We have entered an uncertain period in our world; a time where information and misinformation is commonplace. Where the state of this epidemic and it’s consequences are changing by the hour.

The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia (CYM), has been keeping a close eye on how this will affect us within our community.

This virus has been labelled a once in a hundred year Health Crisis; a once in a generation event that has the ability to affect how we navigate our lives in the short and into our future. As such, the National Executive of CYM Australia, and the World Executive is committed to ensuring all of our members and our community stay safe during these times.

The National Executive is consulting on a regular basis to discuss how this will affect the daily activities in the CYM community around Australia. Should oseredkovy events still proceed, we advise all to take the following precautions for our members:
• Sending email to parents that if they or their children feel sick in any way, to not attend skhodyny.
• Mandatory hand washing as they enter their Domivky and as they leave.
• Teaching our children about proper self hygiene techniques, such as coughing into their elbow or napkin and not their hand!
• Using hand sanitiser throughout the skhodyny (or washing hands).
• Importance of not touching their face!
• Properly cleaning the Domivka after with lysol wipes (doorknobs, handles).
• Avoid the sharing of equipment such as pens, pencils or scissors.
• Avoid keeping everyone in one room for an extended period. Keep rijs as separate as possible.
• We also recommend to sanitise your cell phones and keys with lysol wipes.

We have also attached information in both English and Ukrainian for you to review. We also highly recommend you regularly keep updated with information from your local government health authorities.

This may all seem quite drastic and concerning. However we must all try to remain calm and look out for each other. Our youth will be looking to all of us during this time for leadership and support. It is important to calm the fears and uncertainties they may have whilst also educating them on the issues raised above.

During this time it is also important for us as an organisation to look out for not only our members but those in our greater community who are more vulnerable during this turbulent period. We ask you to think about the sick and elderly during this time, those who may find it difficult to access resources and essentials. Make contact with those who are in need and find out if there is anything we can do to assist during this period.

Finally, let’s all remember to treat each other with respect. CYM in Australia and around the world banded together during our recent bush fire crisis and raised a tremendous amount of funds to help those in need rebuild their lives. We saw the best of humanity as we came together to support those who have lost so much. This is yet another crisis that we must all band together and support one another.

The National Executive and your oseredky will keep you updated regularly on any news and actions we take as an organisation.