24 March, 2020

Dear Members and Families,

On the 16th of March, 2020, the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia (CYM) National Executive updated you on measures and recommendations in regards to COVID-19 which should be followed by our oseredky and their members. The recommendations were based on information received at the time from World and Government Health Authorities in order to protect our members and the wider community.

As you can all appreciate, this health crisis is changing by the hour. The National Executive and heads of your oseredky have been keeping a close eye on these developments and how it affects the running of our organisation.

On Monday evening (23 March), the National Executive and Heads of oseredky held a meeting to discuss and update each other on the effects, plans and measures they are all putting in place to help protect members in their respective states. More information will be coming from your upravy in due course. We would like to commend each oseredok on the measures they have taken to date during this crisis.

We also took the time to discuss the upcoming National Zdvyh in celebration of 70 years of the founding of CYM in Australia. This event is a time where each and every member of CYM can come together and celebrate all that has been achieved by members of CYM since its’ founding. This is a time where we can honour those men and women who, through their sacrifices, helped build CYM Australia into what it is today.

In light of recent events and measures put in place by the government, and as a precaution to look after our members and the elderly within our community, the National Executive along with the heads of our oseredky, have unanimously decided to postpone the upcoming Zdvyh planned for the long weekend in June. We still plan to hold a celebration of this occasion at a later date once it is safe to do so. We will keep you informed of any updates in this matter.

In regard to the Triennual Meeting-Zyizd (‘Zahalni Zbory’) planned to be held in the last quarter of this calendar year, the National Executive will also keep our members updated on this matter. We too will follow the current government and medical advice on when it will be safe to hold this event.

The National Executive, along with our oseredky are also taking this time to investigate new and innovative ways to reach and educate our members. This time of crisis should also be seen as an opportunity to build on the education base we have to strengthen the teachings of our organisation’s motto: God and Ukraine. We will keep you posted on these exciting events as they unfold.

We once again ask you all to look out for each other. Our youth will be looking to all of us during this time for leadership and support. It is important to calm the fears and uncertainties they especially may have whilst also educating them on the issues raised above.

During this time it is also important for us as an organisation to look out for not only our members but those in our greater community who are more vulnerable during this turbulent period. We ask you to think about the sick and elderly during this time, those who may find it difficult to access resources and essentials. Make contact with those who are in need and find out if there is anything we can do to assist during this period.

The National Executive and your oseredky will keep you updated regularly on any news and actions we take as an organisation.