Денний Табір продовжено на два тижні: 9 – 13 і 16 – 20 серпня!!!

Новий реченець реєстрації 30-го липня!

We added two more weeks to Ontario’s Day camp: 9 – 13 & 16 – 20 August!!!

New registration deadline 30 July!


Additional information!

  • Early Drop Off Hours**
  • Outdoor activities and sports  
  • Music/Ukulele/Drumming 
  • Science Experiments
  • Tie Dye
  • Ice Cream Truck 
  • Euro Cup and Olympic Themed Games
  • NEW DEADLINE: Sunday July 30th, 2021
**Upon request and with advanced notice before and aftercare available for a fee of $20/child/day for both, or $10/child/day for either 8:00 am or 5:00 pm

All socially distanced and COVID camp protocols in place!

1. Option #1 e-transfer [email protected] (message should include CHILD’s NAME)
2. Option #2 cheque payable to Ukrainian Youth Ass’n (UYA) mailed to:
UYA of Canada
9 Plastics Ave.
Toronto, ON
M8Z 4B6

Toronto Public Health Guidelines

(Правила в українській мові, можна прочитати тут:

Safety To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, CYM camps will meet health guidelines designed in consultation with Toronto Public Health and in alignment with provincial health guidelines for day camps. Camper’s safety is the first priority. Each camp group will stay together for the entire week, and not interact with campers in other groups.

Campers: must wear a mask/face covering indoors and outdoors will practice physical distancing have their own craft supplies and crafts will be sent home at the end of camp CYM camp will not be going on bus trips, using transit or going swimming.


  • Only registered participants are allowed to attend
  • Rooms have been reorganized to maintain physical distancing.
  • Lunch and snacks must be provided by the parents.

Camper Code of Conduct: Each camper will be asked to agree to a code of conduct while at camp, including:

  • physical distancing
  • wearing a mask/face covering
  • respiratory etiquette
  • frequent handwashing

Campers who are unable or unwilling to follow the camp code of conduct may be asked to leave camp to protect the safety of all participants. As always, positive behaviour management will be implemented prior to asking any child to leave camp.

Cleaning: Cleaning of facilities will occur more often with special attention to high-touch surfaces like door handles and counters. Shared spaces and common areas like gyms will be cleaned between camp groups.

Pre-Camp: Caregivers will receive a mandatory phone call before camp starts. Staff will:

  • review procedures
  • do a pre-camp health check
  • review health guidelines
  • Completing the call with staff is required for your child to be admitted to camp..

Arrivals and Health Screenings: CYM day camp will have an outdoor camp drop-off routine, weather permitting. With caregivers (age 18 and older with knowledge of the child’s health) present, staff will conduct a camper daily health screening that involves caregivers answering screening questions. Campers that have symptoms of COVID-19, their siblings and household family members will not be admitted to the camp.
Caregivers will be asked to take the camper home and have them tested at the local assessment centre. If anyone in the household has symptoms of COVID-19, has been notified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or been told to stay home and self-isolate the camper must stay home.

Illness at Camp: If a camper falls ill while at camp, they will be placed in a quiet room with a staff person and isolated from the rest of their camp group.

Caregivers will be contacted to pick up their camper immediately. The caregiver will be asked to take the child to a COVID-19 assessment centre to be tested. If a negative result is confirmed the child will be allowed to return to camp, once symptoms have resolved for 24 hours.