9th year of the Obmin program with Ukraine


2019 Obmin participants were: Marianna Semanyshyn, Chicago, Olena Chychula, Palatine and Oksana Bihun Goshen/Kerhonkson.  They went to Ukraine for 3 weeks to work as counselors at CYM’s Blahodiyniy tabir (Charitable camp)

The tabir took place in the beautiful pine forests of Chernihiv in the beginning of August. The participants of the camp were children ages 6 to 16 who have been touched by the war.  Some children have one of their parents fighting in the war.  Others have a parent that was wounded or disabled. Some children, worse yet, have a parent who has been lost in the fighting.  Other children are living near the battle lines, and attend the camp as their “vacation” from the fighting.  Many children are displaced, having had their homes destroyed.  

Below is a video from the Obmin participants.