Zustrich with Druzhynnyky – 18-19 October 2019 – Munich, Germany


This year, in recognition of 110 years since the birth of Stepan Bandera and 60 years since his death, the World Executive of CYM is organising a zustrich in Munich across the days of 18th and 19th October 2019.

This zustrich is aimed at Druzhynnyky and the official program includes, among other things, a Panakhyda on the 18th and an excursion through Munich on the 19th. Activities are designed to commemorate this anniversary and bring Druzhynnyky together from all corners of the globe to mark this special event.  

For more details, please refer to https://cym.org/en/world-executive/rozpochato-zholoshennia-na-zustrich-druzhynnykiv-sum-v-miunkheni/

Those who are interested in attending are encouraged to complete the online form available here – https://cym.org/en/au/zustrich-druzhynnykiv-sum-anketa-zholoshennia/