“The Putin Interviews” Screening on SBS


The National Executive has formally written to SBS regarding their screening of the Putin Interviews on their TV Channels.


9 November, 2017

Hass Dellal – Chair SBS Board
Michael Ebeid – CEO SBS


RE: The Putin Interviews

Dear Mr Dellal and Mr. Ebeid,

On behalf of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia, we have been informed that SBS has recently been screening the Putin Interviews once again on its channels. You will be aware that, internationally this program is seen as pure Russian-Putin Propaganda.

Today we read the Australian Government has imposed more sanctions against Russia because of its belligerent disregard for international values, its annexation of Crimea, its aggression in Eastern Ukraine and its limited cooperation on the MH 17 inquiries.

We would like to formally ask the SBS, why are taxpayer funds used to show this program when it has been proven to glorify a regime which spreads misinformation and promotes war and terror on its neighbouring countries. SBS has now run this program a number of times, including on both its channels simultaneously, effectively forcing viewers to sit and listen to the biased views of the program.

The Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia urges SBS to remove any further scheduling of The Putin Interviews.

I am more than happy to be in contact, should you have any further queries regarding our position and this matter.


Andrew Duma

National Executive
Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia