Cov Kozaks are a Coventry (UK) based band who have exploded onto the UK Ukrainian music scene in the last year with their unique twist and style of traditional Ukrainian folk songs.

Cov Kozaks evolved from a small group playing acoustically, originally providing musical accompaniment for the CYM Ukrainian dance group ‘Veselka’ in Coventry. After adding vocals and some initial success with their acoustic style, Cov Kozaks went electric and amped up, playing their first “proper” gig at CYM Coventry’s St Michael’s zabava in November 2016. The band were joined by fellow musicians (who also happen to be CYMivchi) from Wolverhampton and Manchester and this new style of the Cov Kozaks allowed them to expand their style and repertoire to the Ukrainian-folk-rock-punk-mix they are today.

2017 has been an amazing year for Cov Kozaks, which also happens to be CYM’s Year of Music. Within the last year Cov Kozaks have already played in Belgium and headlined the inaugural Hospoda Live – Music festival at Tarasivka. Having featured in all of the UK’s other main events throughout the year, Cov Kozaks still found time to hit the studio and record their debut release – ‘Stand Aside Mykola’, an EP that captures the sophisticated guitar and bass riffs, intricate violin and accordion, and beats guaranteed to get your feet stomping style of the Cov Kozaks.

If that wasn’t enough Cov Kozaks are still to play at Bradfords – Pyvofest 2017 in November, before finishing the year supporting Kozak System on their latest tour.

For further information on the band and up and coming gigs, and for details on how to get your hands on the ‘Stand Aside Mykola” EP visit