CYM Canada’s Virtual Vyshkil – Day 2


This being the feast of John the Baptist, the second day of our virtual vyshkil started with a prayer dedicated to him. The first presentation of the day titled John the Baptist – our guide and what we can learn from Saint Michael, Patron of CYM, was given by none other than Bishop Stepan Sus, general chaplain of CYM global.

Marichka Duncan-Hlibovych presented in her typical enthusiastic fashion practical tips how to encourage smaller kids to participate in singing by using various instruments, one’s boundless imagination, and lot’s of fun to ensure the kids enjoy singing.

During the last unit of the day, all participants were assigned to specific groups with the goal of presenting one of this year’s historic anniversaries in the form of a presentation to the others before camp’s end. This is one of the most important aspects of every year’s Vyshkil, for it allows the counsellors to get to know the children in small groups more closely and at the same time assess many characteristics like participation, organizational and leadership skills, positive attitude and interaction with others.