Feast Day of the Archangel Michael


The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia greets all CYM branches and members on the patronal feast day of St. Michael the Archangel.

Archangel Michael, who our ancestors chose as the patron of the capital of Kyiv, the Sich Riflemen, Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Ukrainian Galician Army and Ukrainian Insurgent Army – is a symbol of protection from all evil. He is known to us as the champion of courage, integrity, strength, and truth.

The Ukrainian Youth Association chose St. Michael the Archangel as its patron as a symbol of leadership and victory. This choice corresponds to the CYM slogan “God and Ukraine”. It reveals a deep symbolic understanding of the struggle between good and evil, truth within deception, justice within tyranny. This is the essence of the CYM idea, which puts God at the forefront of existence, work, morality, ethics and faith, and considers the struggle for the realisation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

We give thanks to the Archangel Michael for the strength and zeal to continue working for the good of God and our homeland, Ukraine.