Meet Your Uprava – Andrij Suchowersky


It is humbling to have been asked to represent you, the druzynyky of Australia. Particularly so because I have had the privilege of being a member of CYM for just under 10 years. I became closely associated with the organization during my University years from 2008-2012 and travelled to Ukraine several times. This deepened my desire to maintain a close tie with our heritage and help encourage others to do the same.

I want CYMivtsi to understand what a great channel their association can provide to enjoy the positive elements of deeper engagement with our Ukrainian culture. It is my intention to show druzhynyky this culture through impromtu meetings that are smaller and more casual to allow for the faster pace of the modern lifestyle.

My time is spent between the central west of NSW where I work, Sydney, where I’m from and Melbourne where I visit. I remain dedicated to you, our members and encourage you to seek me out at events to keep me informed as to what you want out of your KY.

I will see you all soon.