Volleyball Tournament – 4/29/17


This year, our Dryzhynnyky held our annual volleyball tournament on April 29th, 2017. It was held again in Yonkers High School. Even though we didn’t have a starshe yunatskij tournament, we helped the Dryzhynnyky in many aspects of the tournament. Yunatstvo helped make sandwiches on friday night and run the tournament the next day. There were 6 teams playing in the tournament, 1 from Passaic, 2 from Hartford, and 3 from Yonkers. Passaic ended up winning first place. After the tournament, we all went back to CYM for an awards ceremony and to watch the Klitchko fight. Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to next year!

– Rij Zoloti Levy (17)