Mother’s Day Apel – 5/9/17


Our oseredok has an annual sviatochnij apel in honor of our mothers. Every member of our oseredok wore their full CYM uniform. The formal apel began at 7:30 in the evening. Afterwards, we had a short program that included a dance performance from our youngest dance groups. Our sumenyata had their very first performance. We also took a group photo. Our bulavnij, Roman Kozicky, also went around and did a uniform check. We also were able to take a flower and gift it to our mothers. This was a beautiful program and everyone had a great time. We are very thankful to everyone who helped us out!

-Rij Zoloti Levy (17)
Every year in May we celebrate the holiday of Mother’s Day! All of our sumivtsi, sumenyata, molodshe and starshe yunatstvo participated in a sviatochniy apel, during which we welcomed our mothers for Mother’s Day. Our youngest sumenyata danced very well and the mother’s enjoyed the performance. Starshe yunatstvo prepared a table for our mothers and guests who joined us that day. We helped cover the tables in pink tablecloths and poured juices for the children. We brought from home delicious muffins, brownies, and sweets. We also served platters of assorted cheeses, meats, and olives. Everyone enjoyed themselves and liked the food. Towards the end of our celebration we all gifted our moms with red roses, which were purchased by our holova Michael Kapitula. Each mother and grandmother received a rose. Everyone was very thankful and our celebration was a success!

– Riy Chempiony (15-16)