The Ukrainian Youth Association in Bradford has completed its annual St Michael’s Day good deed and sent gifts to children affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. The committee, along with CYM members and other community activists,worked together to collect funds and bought gifts that will be given to these children on St. Nicholas’ Day.

Each year, the committee of the Bradford Branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association, selects a good deed in observance of St. Michael’s Day. Thisyear’s good deed was adjoined to the international CYM charity event “With kindness, we warm hearts”.

The community gathered and prepared 10 very generous gift bags (each with a minimum value of £20), for children of different ages (from 3 to 14), which have now been parcelled up and sent to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Youth Association in Bradford, would like to thank all those who helped with this good deed and hope everybody enjoys St. Nicholas’ Day. We have even invited St Nicholas to visit Bradford, on Saturday 15th December at 12 noon. Hopefully he will be able to visit and reward our good CYMivtsi with presents!