Virtual Zdvyh – A Celebration of Our Culture!


Given the extraordinary circumstances in the UK and around the world as a result of Coronavirus, a decision has been made to change the format of the Ukrainian Youth Association National Rally due to be held at Tarasivka on Saturday 4th July. Given the current lockdown and the unpredictability of when it will be lifted, with the addition of anticipated social distancing rules to be introduced post lockdown, it is now deemed inappropriate to expect people to attend Tarasivka for Zdvyh. 

However, we do not want to simply cancel Zdvyh and so in its place, we are hosting our first ever Virtual Zdvyh, which will take place on the same date – Saturday 4th July.

What will Virtual Zdvyh entail?

Digital Zdvyh will broadcast pre-recorded footage “live” on CYM-GB social media channels.  It will feature:

  • Official Ceremony
  • Communal reading of “The March of Ukrainian Nationalists” (which contains this year’s haslo                 

             “We Were Born at a Great Hour”)      

  • Concert
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Social Media/Engaging activities

Official Ceremony

This will feature:

  • Flag raising ceremony (those at Tarasivka will raise the flag with ‘Вгору Прапори’ in the              background)
  • Short blessings from the Bishop and a representative of the UOC in GB.
  • The Nakaz recited by a volunteer filmed at home.
  • An address from the Holova of CYM-GB.
  • Mentions from and of the Oseredky CYM in GB.
  • Reference to any greetings from well wishers that CYM may have received prior to Zdvyh.

All those required to partake and provide footage for this will be contacted separately.

 Communal reading of “The March of Ukrainian Nationalists” (containing this year’s Haslo – “We Were Born at a Great Hour”)

We would like contributions from all branches to form a communal reading of the text behind this year’s Haslo. This will require all branches to provide short video footage of the reading. The text will be separated and divided between branches equally and at random, and be sent separate from this obizhnyk along with the specifications required for recording.


Each oseredok will be given a short time slot to perform during our virtual concert. The content can be new – filmed and prepared in isolation, or it can be archive footage from a previous Zdvyh. It is for oseredky to decide how to fill their time. Where possible, we would encourage oseredky to submit material related to this year’s haslo and anniversaries, however we understand that given current constraints, this may be difficult and we are therefore happy to accept other submissions. 

Further information including timings, specifications and deadlines for submissions will follow.

 Evening Entertainment  We propose to have some evening entertainment including “live” music contributions from members of CYM-GB. Pre-recorded footage will be broadcast on social media for all to enjoy. We invite anybody willing to participate to contact us 

Social Media/Engaging Activities

 In the build up to, and during our first ever virtual zdvyh, we encourage members of CYM-GB to participate in other activities on social media and beyond to show the breadth and engagement of our membership. Further details of these will be announced in the coming weeks. If you or any of our members have additional ideas, we would love to hear from you.

Although these circumstances are far from ideal, we want to keep zdvyh as a focal point of CYM activity in Great Britain. We look forward to your active participation as we make this (hopefully, oneoff) Virtual Zdvyh, a memorable one for the right reasons. 

 If you have any additional ideas as to how we can successfully run the day, or you would be willing to help, we would love to hear from you.