VIRTUAL ZDVYH – All you need to know.


What is happening?

Due to the Coronovirus pandemic and the on-going government restrictions, including limits on group gatherings and social distancing, Krayoviy Zdvyh as we know it cannot be held. This year, for one time only (we hope!), Zdvyh will happen virtually and we will celebrate our culture at home.

Virtual Zdvyh will take place on Saturday 4th July, by being streamed online through CYM-GB social media channels. The running of the day will be as traditional as we can make it but as it’s online this may change slightly. This means you can take part in Zdvyh and enjoy the festivities, from the comfort of your own home, without travelling to Tarasivka.

For clarification, Tarasivka is closed until further notice, including Saturday 4th July. Please do not travel to Tarasivka as the gates will be locked and you will not be granted access.

We have put together a list of all you need to know regarding Virtual Zdvyh below. If there is something else you need clarifying, please contact us at [email protected]

What is Virtual Zdvyh – A Celebration of Our Culture?

Virtual Zdvyh will bring together the main parts of our traditional Krayoviy Zdvyh and will broadcast pre-recorded footage “live” on CYM-GB social media channels. It will feature:

  • Official Ceremony
  • Communal reading of “The March of Ukrainian Nationalists” (which contains this year’s haslo “We Were Born at a Great Hour”)
  • Concert
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Social Media/Engaging activities

When is Virtual Zdvyh – A Celebration of Our Culture?

Virtual Zdvyh will take place on Saturday 4th July 2020, the same date as originally planned for Krayoviy Zdvyh. The exact times are yet to be confirmed and we will update you with further information as we have it.

Krayoviy Zdvyh always take place on the first Saturday of July.

How and where can I watch Virtual Zdvyh – A Celebration of Our Culture?

Virtual Zdvyh will be broadcast on official CYM-GB social media channels including Facebook and YouTube.

We will share the links with you before Saturday 4th July.

What is the communal reading of the “March of Ukrainian Nationalists”?

This years motto “We were born in a great hour” comes from the first line of the reading: March of Ukrainian Nationalists. Each Oseredok will be allocated some lines from the reading and can nominate a member to read and film themselves reading the line.

The member who performs the reading will be required to do so wearing CYMivskyi Striy. The formatting of the recording is laid out in the below question “What format does my submission need to be in?”.

Due to the nature of some of the text, it is recommended that an older member of Starshi Yunatstvo or above read the text.

Oseredok Pershuny will read the first and last lines of the poem.

Is Virtual Zdvyh a competition?

No. The decision has been taken that there will be no competition at Virtual Zdvyh. Instead the event will be a celebration of our culture, which everyone can take part in from the safety of their own homes.

Who can take part?

Virtual Zdvyh is open to all members of CYM-GB and those interested in participating should contact their Oseredoks for further information on communal activities.

How can I take part?

Contact your local Oseredok for details of how and what to submit.

How long has each Oseredok got to perform?

Each Oseredok will be allocated approximately 10 minutes. However don’t worry if you can’t fill the full ten minutes or if you run over. We can work together with Oseredky to ensure the production moved smoothly.

What format does my submission need to be?

As we all know we can’t get to high end video equipment, so don’t worry. We are not asking for polished videos that are worthy of an Oscar, a simple recording from smartphones and tablets will suffice.

Please only send us the final edited video ready to be published as we haven’t the capacity to edit all performances from raw footages files. Should you not be able to edit please contact  [email protected] or should you require immediate information call/text him on 07725009359 anytime.  

So, here is what is required:

  • The video file is to be submitted as an .MP4 or .MOV. This format is usually the standard on all devices but please check before recording. Please do not recorded in .HEIF or .HEVC file format as this has compatibility issues.

To check settings in iPhone and iPad devices, go to settings>camera>Formats and change to ‘most compatible’

To check Video in android setting go to camera>settings>advanced recording options and untick HEIF and/or HDR.

  • Please record video in landscape view as this will broadcast better on all device formats. If you have already recorded your footage with the portrait orientation please do not feel you need to re-record, simply submit but please be aware the image may be cropped.
  • The resolution should be minimum of 720P and maximum of 1080p and at 30 frames per second. Please do not send 4k resolution videos as this will be difficult to stream.
  • The video should be clearly named with your Oseredok and performance name. For example, if you are Oseredok London and your performance is called ‘Dance of Ukraine’ the file will look like this Oseredok London_Dance of ukraine.MOV. Once it’s ready to send place it in the Google drive folder using the link I shared to Virtual Zdvyh>Performances (videos)
  • On submission of the video please send a supporting document with the following information in Ukrainian and English.

Document is to be headed with Oseredok name.

Each video has to be clearly marked with the file name and the following information; File name, Age (molodshi/starshi/druzhiniki/seniori), Names of participants (if there are multiple this will appear on the end of the video as end credits and a little description about the performance. Also provided a contact number should there be any issues with the video.

For Example.

Video 1

Oseredok: London

Title: Dance of Ukraine

Performed by: Andrew Smith, Jane doe.

Age: Starshi & Molodshi

Description: A colourful dance from the western region of Ukraine with both participants wearing the regional costume.

Contact: Pero on 07712345678

  • For the submission of the “March of Ukrainian Nationalists” please submit this in the following way.

TITLE: This is your oseredok and the verse being read out, so for example if you are reading the first line ‘We were born in a great hour’ and are from Ashton the file should look like this, Ashton_we were born in a great hour.MOV

Please place in the subfolder in the Virtual Zdvyh folder called ‘we were born in a great hour (videos)’.

Does my submission need to follow this year’s Motto and Anniversaries?

Although we would like you to submit a performance linked to the motto and anniversary, we will still accept other entrances.

What kind of performance can I submit?

This Zdvyh is different, and you have an opportunity to submit something different. Here are a couple of ideas that we came up with for submissions, but you can be creative and come up with something new:

  • Tik Tok Style Videos
  • Poems
  • Musical Performances
  • Comedy sketches
  • Dance routines
  • Art works

Just record yourself in the format laid out above and submit your performance with the permission of your oseredok.

How can Oseredky submit their performance?

Oseredky can submit their performances by uploading their files into the Virtual Zdvyh Drop Box folder. Please only submit with the permission and approval of your Oseredok.

When do performances need to be submitted?

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 21st June. This will allow us to edit and put together the footage as required in preparation for the big day of Virtual Zdvyh on Saturday 4th July.

Can I come to Tarasivka for Virtual Zdvyh?

No. Tarasivka remains closed until further notice. Please do not travel to Tarasivka on Saturday 4th July. The gates will be closed and you will not be granted entry.

Please follow government guidance and stay home where possible.

How can I submit a thank you to a key worker?

We want to say thank you to our key workers who have kept the country going throughout the pandemic. If you want to nominate a key worker you would like to thank from your oseredok, please let us know by telling us who they are, what they do and sharing a picture of them with us. You can also share a picture of Yunatstvo with a rainbow sign saying Дякую!

This can be done via e-mail to [email protected]

How can I volunteer to help put together Virtual Zdvyh?

If you have skills in video editing or social media and would like to help with the creation of virtual zdvyh, please contact us through email at [email protected].

How can I submit ideas to help with the running of Virtual Zdvyh?

If you have ideas on how we can help run virtual zdvyh successfully, please submit them via email [email protected].