A national workshop for holovy Oseredky and holovni vykhovnyky took place in Tarasivka on Saturday, 1 October 2016, with the participation of 11 Oseredky namely: Ashton, Bolton, Bradford, Derby, Leicester, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Stockport, Waltham Cross, and Wolverhampton.


The workshop was opened by Vykhovna Rada member Wolodymyr Pawluk and moderated by Holovniy Vykhovnyk Hania Szlachetko, who explained the concept of the Tree of Ideas and Wall of Thoughts, whereby throughout the workshop if a participant came up with an idea or thought they could share it with everyone by adding it to either the “tree” or “wall”.


Topics discussed included reports and presentations from XIX World CYM Congress and World Vykhovna Konferentsiya, the new CYM handbook and Vporyad handbook, presentations on “How to present CYM to parents who have not grown up in CYM” and prominant sumivtsi worldwide and nationally. Videos were also shown on “70 reasons why we love CYM on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the renewal and reformation of CYM in the diaspora” and “90 years of CYM”. Participants split into groups to discuss highlighting/promoting CYM and then presented the outcomes of their discussions.

All participants received a CYM Welcome-Information pack.



Before the end, all participants were invited to provide feedback by writing down their thoughts about the workshop, on individual bunting flags and then hang them on a length of ribbon completing a string of bunting.

Hania Szlachetko brought the workshop to a close by thanking all the Oseredky present for their support in attending and contributing to a successful event.