By Stefan Jajecznyk.

The Ukrainian Youth Association male-voice choir, “Volya”, have enjoyed great success at this year’s Manchester Amateur Choral Competition (MACC).

After weeks and months of practise, the choir, also based in Manchester, claimed the runners-up prize from a field of sixteen highly-talented competitors.

The event took place at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on Sunday 26 February, and featured choirs from all over the UK.

The guys’ successful performance included renditions of РозпрагайтеХлопціКоні, ПовіявВітерСтеповий,ЧовенХитаєтся and ТамнаГорі, наМаківці.

Stefan Mandzij, director of “Volya”, said: “I was very proud just to perform in such a prestigious venue alongside some brilliant choirs, but to be placed runner-up was amazing.

“I was surprised, happy and immensely proud of such a great achievement for our choir.”

The choir performed three times in total, with a warm up concert at St. Peter’s Chaplaincy prior to the competition and an informal performance at The Manchester Museum afterwards.

They were very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the audiences and their fellow competitors, with plans now to collaborate with some of them.

Ordsall Acapella Singers, who also competed, said in their blog: “Of course, not only do we have bass and tenor envy, as far as Volya are concerned, we also have boot envy.

“Their red boots are glorious.”

Volya are now looking forward to their planned trip to L’viv in August, where they will be taking part in the International Ukrainian Dance and Culture Festival.

For bookings and to follow their progress, see: Facebook and Twitter