CYM Derby celebrate 50 years milestone

Гості в залі клубу Левада під час святкування 50 ліття СУМу в м. Дарбі.

Members & Guests started arriving from 6 o’clock receiving a welcome cocktail glass drink at the entrance by Druh Petro Kupranec our long standing treasurer. They all entered into a lovely decorated hall with 2 big ‘50’ figures at the front of the stage and flashing lights on stage to background Ukrainian music.

A photo slide show was put together by brothers Druzi Andrij & Petrush Stasiw that ran throughout the night from a projector against one of the hall’s walls on a loop depicting 50 years of history. This attracted  crowds throughout the night reminiscing when they were young!

The official concert was opened by Branch Chairman (holova Oseredku) Druh Josyf Kupranec with a Prayer – Otse Nash – welcoming everyone including guests from Derby City Council and His Worshipful The Deputy Mayor of The City of Derby Councillor Paul Pegg and family friends from Ukrayina. Podruha Lida Deremenda then read a history summary of Oseredok Derby in English highlighting some of the momentous events during those 50 years.

зліва на право стоять- Софія Щомак, Демая Сандар, Йосип Купранець,заступник мера міста м. Дарбі Paul Pegg, Зоряна Перегінець, Клої Панчук, Ева Фінів.

The next 2 items were 2 dances performed by the younger & older girls of Hoverla – Kozachok & Vasylky (Flower Dance). Druh Josyf then asked our distinguished guest Deputy Mayor Councillor Paul Pegg to say a few words. His theme was young people and how to engage them in Society and how pleased he was to see so many active young dancers performing.

Verchovyna musicians then performed 2 tunes – the highly popular Verchovyna Vyazynka (Highlander’s Song) and love song Tsyhanochka Moya (Gipsy my love).

Nadia Surma then read a history summary in Ukrainian reminding us all of the past Chairmen & Chairwomen of Oseredok Derby. Without their contribution Derby would be not be in a strong position today. Two further dances were performed by Hoverla. The younger boys – Zaporozets (sword dance) and older girls – Lastivka (swallow bird dance).

Dryh Josyf then called up holova Krayovoyi Upravy CYM in GB Druh Zenon Finiw onto the stage to hand out long term awards to members for their contribution to Oseredok Derby. Podruha Lida Deremenda & Podruha Iryna Dobrowolska received tretij stupin’ Vykhovnyka, Druh Petro Kupranec  tretij stupin’ Suspil’nyka, Podruha Kateryna Kupranec tretij stupin’ Kul’turnyka, Druh Markian Stasiw druhij stupin’ Suspil’nyka, Druh Andrij Kaminskij druhij stupin’ Ratnyka, Druh Zenon Finiw druhij stupin’ Suspil’nyka and finally Druh Josyf Kupranec tretij stupin’ Suspil’nyka.

Зеновій Фінів вручає почесну грамоту Йосипові Купранцю

Druh Zenon Finiw then had his slovo congratulating Oseredok Derby in reaching 50 years of existence and active work in promoting the ideals of the Spilka for the good of CYM in GB and what it stands for. He then presented a large Certificate (Hramota) to holova oseredku Druh Josyf in a golden frame.

Druh Josyf then then thanked Druh Zenon for his kind words, thanked the kitchen staff Podruha Maria Stasiw, Podruha Anna Perehinec, Podruha Oksana Szczomak & Podruha Natalia Sandar for their hard work in preparing a very tasty Buffet, thanked Podruha Ivanka Dobrowolska, Podruha Natlaia Sandar & Druh Andrij Kaminskij for decorating the hall and stage, Druzi Andrij & Petrush Stasiw for the photo slide show, Druh Petro Kupranec for sales of tickets, Podrizi Lida Deremenda & Nadia Surma for reading out history summaries in English & Ukrainian, the dancers & musicians from Hoverla & Verkhovyna, distinguished guests & last but not least the audience for turning out in large numbers to celebrate this momentous event which included guests from Ukrayina and past members from Stockport & London.

The official concert was closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

Druh Josyf then declared the delicious Buffet opened and asked the young CYM Dance Band Chorna Rozha to set up and play background music whilst the audience were queueing for the food.

The Dance Band Chorna Rozha then played the zabava until the early hours of Sunday morning and a great time was had by all. Half way through the zabava the older lads from Hoverla performed a Cossack cabaret dance and Druh Petro called for volunteers from the audience to have a go at a solo or two. This gave us some laughter and all the volunteers had a smashing and hot time of it.

Later in the evening Druh Petro organised ‘standing bingo’ where everyone bought a bingo ticket and if your number was called you had to sit down. The last man/woman standing won the prize – 1 bottle of spirit & 4 bottles of wine. Collection from the Standing Bingo game was donated to the Children of Heroes in Tarasivka Appeal Fund. (Табір 2015 Діти героїв в Тарасівці).

The last 2 waltzes were sung by Chorna Rozha at half past one in the morning and then everyone gathered into a big circle crossed hands to sing the traditional song ‘Nich Vzhe Yde’.

Josyf Kupranec & Nadia Surma