On Sunday 22nd January 2017, the Ukrainian Youth Association in Bradford, along with the Lord Major of the City, Geoff Reid, celebrated the Day of Unity of Ukraine and honoured the memory of the heroes of the Battle of Kruty.

The battle of Kruty took place 99 years ago on 29th January 1918, near the rail station at Kruty, approximately 130km from Kyiv. 300 Ukrainian students sacrificed their lives in a battle against an army of thousands of Bolshevik soldiers, preparing an assault on Kyiv.

Nearly a year later, on 22nd January 1919, the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, were united with the Unification Act (Act Zluky).

SUMivtsi in Bradford remembered these events with readings and short videos, while Krylati Youth performed traditional Ukrainian dances.

Heroes never die!