Riy Vovky Howl with the Wolves


On November 11, CYM Goshen and Plast Kerhonkson went on a field trip to a wolf conservation center located in South Salem, NY. We decided to learn more about these wild animals because our “rij” (group) is called “vovky”, or wolves. Ten years ago, riy Vovky of Goshen (which had different members back then) also took a trip to this conservation center and adopted a wolf named Atka. This wolf still lives on in the conservatory, though he is very old now. We saw three other wolves besides Atka, which are also used to being around people. Three of them were Canadian mountain grey wolves and one, Atka, was a wild arctic grey wolf. There were also 20 other wild wolves who lived in the conservation center, but we weren’t able to see them because they are hidden away so that they ca one day be released back into the wild. We learned about their habitat and how they eat. A highlight of our trip was that we got to “communicate” with them by howling at them. We really enjoyed this experience!