Vyshkil 2017 – Day 1


Markian Shwec, a long-standing member of the UYA and the Chair of the Euromaidan Committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress was the special guest on Day 2 of camp. He held sessions about Ukraine’s historical and political eras. Additionally, Petro Schturyn gave the youth an overview of Ukrainian umbrella organizations like the Ukrainian World Congress and Ukrainian Canadian Congress and their significance. Olenka Laschuk started a cycle of exploring interesting religious questions with the campers.

In the afternoon after some relaxing by the pool, the campers continued to explore the world of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) by starting to build lean-tos to emulate UPA’s hideouts.

After dinner,  the campers played a few volleyball matches before ending the day celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation with a magnificent firework display and a small bonfire.

Additional photographs can be viewed here: Vyshkil’17