On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) in the diaspora the World Executive of CYM selected Sunday, April 25, being the actual day of the founding in 1946, as a Day of Prayer for all CYM branches in the world.

Throughout this time and since its original founding in 1925, our organization has educated and continues to educate Ukrainian youth in selfless service to God and Ukraine. In this work, we walk shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian churches, nurturing for them future active Christians, parishioners and pastors, receiving in return important spiritual support, care and guidance.

We, therefore, call upon our Branches and their entire membership to commemorate our jubilee with a unique and united prayer in their respective churches in accordance with the local restrictions due to the continuing pandemic and social restrictions.

The National Executive with the help of its chaplain, Father Andrij Figol contacted both, the Ukrainian Catholic as well as Orthodox churches and its Metropolitans to bless this initiative and ask that all parishes pray for CYM and its members on Sunday, April 25. 

Ukraine’s Honour – Ready to Defend!

CYM National Executive