Thoughts from Father A. Figol – CYM Canada chaplain


Dear Podruhy and Druzi in Christ, Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear СУМivtsi, Hartuys!

First of all, I am grateful to the leadership of CYM’s National Executive and with the Blessing of my Bishop for assigning me to be the Chaplain for the National Executive. At the Plenum, I had the opportunity to work with you and your delegates on understanding the current status of Chaplaincy in your branches. Since that time, lots has changed, the unexpected Coronavirus captured the whole world. I hope and pray that you, your families and our CYM family are healthy and safe.

Because of the Coronavirus, the DOORS of CHURCHES remain CLOSED for the safety of parishioners, and yet prayer in Church perseveres. Priests and Bishops continue to observe the liturgical services but without the congregation. I admit that this is very odd for us as well.

Know that YOU ARE NOT experiencing this ALONE. We are together and God is with us. Rest assured that at every Divine Liturgy, I am praying for you and for all CYMivtsi. That God, the Lord, keep us in faith and hope whether we are healthy or ill.

We know that this year, it will be very very different. Many ask, how is going to be without the blessing of pussy willows? Without the blessing of Easter baskets? Without the shroud/ plashchanytsia? Without the procession around the Church? The answer is – yes ! 
Our Church Leaders are calling upon all faithful, all CYMivtsi, to create a DOMESTIC CHURCH. To pray and bless in your own homes and take part in liturgical services via live-streaming of your parish or your neighbouring parish. 

Here are links for all Archeparchies and Eparchies of the UGCC and UOC in Canada

Let us enter Holy Week with faith and in the hope that Resurrection will come because God is with us.

Your in Christ, Druh otets Andrij Figol