Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic which literally touched every single one of us in one way or another, CYM’s activities never came to a full stop. On the contrary, our Branches instantly switched to online meetings, weekly skhodyny and many other virtual events.

Shortly, we will be holding, in the history of CYM throughout the world, most likely our first and hopefully only virtual summer camps.  We hope that in doing so, we at least somewhat lessen the longing for real camping, bonfires, experiences, memories and close friends, of course.

Following our virtual camps, Branches will immediately start preparing for what we all hope will be the regular weekly gatherings at our domivkas come September.почнеться підготовка до, надіємось, реґулярних виховних сходин у вересні по наших домівках.

We want to assure you that we continue to work for you and your children. As a result, we kindly remind you, that you can show your support for your particular Branch, your beloved oselya (campground) or CYM National’s work in general at any time by making a donation to your preferred cause in one of several different ways, as outlined below.

Thank you kindly for your understanding and support, HARTUJS!

How to donate to the Ukrainian Youth

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