Join us in our CYM 70 celebrations!


“Join us as we take a journey through 70 years of CYM in celebrating our heritage, community, leadership, and friendship!”

Did you know that with the help of visual materials based on the themes of the above mentioned slogan: Community, Heritage, Leadership, and Friendship, we have started a year-long social media campaign to both document the multi-faceted history of our organization, and share our achievements with our membership and the broader Ukrainian community in Canada.

As a result we encourage you to join us as we take a journey through 70 years of CYM Canada’s history and follow our weekly visual facebook posts at: Please do not forget to like our page and share it with your fellow Cymivci. Perhaps you would even like to share some photographs of some unforgettable CYM memories with us. You can do so by sending them electronically to: [email protected] 

Just in case you missed the first couple of posts: