Conclusion of this year’s Adventure Camp to Bruce Peninsula National Park


First, we arranged with our bus driver to pick us up a couple of hours late, so we had a chance to return to Indian Head Cove.

The waters were quite rough and the temperatures rather cool and only a few boys braved jumping in.

DSCN0172 DSCN0166

We got on the bus and headed back to Veselka.

We set up camp in the parking lot and then headed to the kitchen for dinner. After dinner we went to the pool for a swim and the long awaited showers.


After povechirok we lit a vatra and finished the day with Nich Vzhe Ide.

Next morning, after breakfast, we had a great session on the low ropes course with Markian Dackiv 


We participated in an Eco Challenge where we reviewed our new skills: canoeing, hanging a food barrel, lighting a fire, hanging a tarp and team work.

That brought us to the Tabir Wedding and we finished the evening with a zabava.


And that concludes Mandrivnyi Tabir 2016. We hope it was a memorable experience for all.

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Here is the link to the picture gallery: