Firemen and paintball


Today it was the turn of the older “starshi” group to go out on an all-day trip. They spent the whole of the morning paintballing – the green team against the orange team. After a hard fought competition, the orange team emerged victorious. Tired but happy the group then went off on a hike into scenic Dove Dale on the edge of the Peak District. Tired they were not – for in a matter of minutes most of the group had scaled the peak overlooking the stepping stones and were admiring the amazing views across Staffordshire and Derbyshire.
Sumeniata, meanwhile, were having their own memorable day – they had a visit from real live firemen who came to show off their brand new fire engine.
The younger “molodshi” group continued their arts and crafts activities, preparing trident pendants, heard a talk about Lviv and the regions of Ukraine, and finished off the camp video.
An orchestra has begun to take shape and held its first full blown rehearsal: more about this at Sunday’s “popys” concert.
We are currently watching molodshi take on a local team in a friendly football match…..

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