Day of Dignity and Freedom – 21 November


On November 21, Ukraine will celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom. This holiday marks the anniversary of the pro-European Union mass protests in 2014.

This public holiday was established by President Petro Poroshenko in November 2014.
It is intended to mark two key events in recent Ukrainian history, the 2004 Orange Revolution and the 2013 Revolution of Dignity.

“Ukraine is the territory of dignity and freedom originated from two revolutions – our Maidan of 2004, which was the Holiday of Freedom, and the Revolution of 2013, the Revolution of Dignity. It was an extremely difficult challenge for Ukraine, when Ukrainians demonstrated their Europeanness, dignity and desire for freedom. As President of Ukraine, I must documentarily attest it and sign the Decree on the Day of Dignity and Freedom that will be celebrated by Ukrainians on November 21 from here to eternity” – President Petro Poroshenko

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