Staff Sergeant George Narozniak of the Hamilton Police Service Named Winner of the 2016 OACP Youth Service Volunteer Award


Крайова Управа i все членство СУМ користає з нагоди, щоби поґратулювати др. Юркові Нарожнякові з нагоди одержання цієї престижної нагороди і бажає йому всього найкращого в його дальших починах – ЩАСТИ БОЖЕ!


Chair of Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Youth Committee, Superintendent Scott Baptist, left, and Hamilton Police Chief Eric Girt, right, present Staff Sgt. George Narozniak with his award.


Hamilton Staff Sergeant receives Provincial Youth Award

Staff Sergeant George Narozniak is the recipient of this year’s Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Youth Service Volunteer Award.  Staff Sergeant Narozniak received his award June 28, 2016 at the OACP’s annual conference.

A 25-year member of the Service, S/Sgt Narozniak is passionate about community engagement and has been a lifetime active member of the Canadian Ukrainian community.

Prior to arriving in Hamilton, Ontario, George joined the Winnipeg branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association, CYM, of Canada in 1966, participating in cultural development and leadership activities.  The Ukrainian Youth Association exists co-actively with the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress.

As he moved through the levels of the youth group, George transitioned from participant to volunteer, giving back to the organization that helped to develop him. He started as a counselor in training, moving to the role of youth counselor and has participated in various dance and band groups.  The Hamilton youth group is an active body that engages in weekly meetings, sport, culture, camps, jamborees and rallies.  George has served on the board of directors for CYM Camp Wesellka in Acton, ON, eventually taking on the position of camp president.

During his tenure with the youth association, George has participated in and organized many community events including youth volleyball tournaments, community festivals, parades, commemorative memorials and annual national youth conferences.  In each of this initiatives George has mobilized, encouraged and developed youth toward community growth and leadership.  In 2003, George was recognized by the Hamilton Youth Association with a Longterm Commitment certificate.

George has also served administratively as a local executive of the Youth Association, assuming the role of Hamilton branch treasurer for the past 17 years.  Further, George has fulfilled the position of Treasurer for the Hamilton Ukrainian Cultural Centre located on Kenilworth Ave.N. since 2001.

As a police officer, George has capitalized on his relationships with CYM youth, incorporating public safety education into the youth leadership programming.  He has spearheaded recruiting presentations as well as crime prevention presentations on drug and alcohol abuse.  These initiatives contribute to the education of our youth around public safety and the prevention of crime

Aside from CYM, George has also volunteered as an executive board member for the Hamilton Police Service – Protect Concern.  This organization is an Employee Trust Charitable Foundation that donates to Hamilton area causes.  Project Concern contributes significantly to youth related development, counseling and health related programs.  It also hosts an annual Christmas dinner event for at-risk children as identified by partners in the local public school boards. George has served as the treasurer on Project Concern between 2004-2010.

Staff Sergeant Narozniak has demonstrated an extraordinary level of dedication to youth in Hamilton and beyond, by his lifetime of service with the CYM. His involvement in the Ukrainian-Canadian community and Project Concern, models the mission of the Hamilton Police Service; serving and protecting in partnership with our communities.

Catherine Martin, Corporate Communicator

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