Yalynka – 12/13/16



On December 13th, 2016, our oseredok held our annual Yalynka event which is the culmination of the first half of our CYM season. Yunastvo, vyhovnyky, friends and family gathered in our zalya where they were served traditional Christmas foods such as borscht, kutia, and varennyky. Our starshe yunastvo helped prepare all of the food and served them to the molodshe yunatstvo and guests. Each rij entertained our guests by singing a koliada and decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments they all prepared by hand.

Our sumeniata also had a small play and our girls choir “Prolisok” sang beautiful renditions of Koliadky. Finally, our batkivskij komitet prepared a raffle, which included holiday items, candy, and toys. These donated items resulted in a great raffle where we were able to raise $440, half of which was donated to buy boots for
the Ukrainian Army. A sincere thank you to everyone who helped make this event a great success!
– Rij Zoloti Levy (17)

For the holiday of Yalynka, us girls from the riy “Lebedi” took part in preparing the hall for the event and helped prepare the delicious dinner. We also made pretty ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree and learned carols that we sang during our Yalynka program. Our riy, with the help of other riys, organized and conducted the “Christmas Lottery”. After the program and when dinner ended, we collected all plates and helped to clean the entire hall.
-Riy Lebedi (13-14)