Announcements 12/04/2018


What: CYM Season 2018-2019 – Classes and Dancing

When: Tuesday’s 6:15pm

Where: CYM Yonkers

Who: All

-The normal schedule with classes and dancing has begun

-The updated registration and payment page along with updated registration forms is now posted and can be found here:

 **PLEASE NOTE** Tuesday 12/11 will be our LAST CYM session of 2018.

What: Annual Holodomor Food Drive

When: Now until December 18th

Where: CYM/St. Michael’s

Who: Everyone

More Info: Please help our Dryzhynnyky in their annual effort to make a donation to a local Yonkers food bank for the holidays to commemorate the Holodomor Famine in 1932-33. All molodshe yunatstvo should label their donations with their rij name to qualify for them to win a surprise. The Largest amount of food by weight wins!

What: Yalynka

When: Tuesday, December 11th 6:45pm – Starshe Yunatstvo 6:00pm

Where: CYM

Who: Everyone

More Info: Please come and enjoy the Christmas festivities including a small dinner, the decorating of the tree, caroling, and a raffle.

  • All children and vyhovnyky should come in their vyshyvani sorochky (embroidered shirts)
  • Bring Food Drive canned and non-perishable items for free entry
  • Batkivskij Komitet asks that parents bring in a cake or dessert if they are able to.

**PLEASE NOTE** This will be our LAST CYM session of 2018.


What: Yalynka Bazaar Raffle

When: Tuesday, December 11th, bring donations Tuesday December 4th

Where: CYM

Who: Everyone

More Info: Please donate a brand new item towards our fun-filled, annual CYM Yonkers Christmas Bazaar raffle!  The following are the themed baskets we will be raffling off so please donate an item in one (or more) of these categories & bring your items to CYM & give them to Lydia Jacewicz or Oksana Tomaszewsky!

#1  Ukrainian Basket – Anything Ukrainian-themed

#2  Basket of Cheer – Wine, champagne, spirits

#3  Christmas Basket – Anything Christmas-themed

#4  Games/Toys Basket – Fun games & toys for kids

#5  Spa/Zen Basket – Candles, perfume, soaps, aromatherapy, potpourri, massage oils, creams

If you would like to donate a big-ticket, higher value item that can be raffled off on its own, we would be very thankful!

What: CYM Vyhovnij Season 2018-2019 – Feedback and Help needed!

When: Fall 2018

Where: CYM Yonkers

Who: All

More Info: This year, we are making some changes to our vyhovnij plan. We will be bringing in guest vyhovnyky to do specialty hutirky or helping out with certain aspects of the vyhovnij work for Starshe, molodshe, or all Yunatstvo. This currently includes singing, seasonal events, and arts and crafts but we are looking for more! The goals of these changes are:

  • Decrease the workload for vyhovnyky.
  • Allows people within our hromada to share specialty skills and knowledge with the kids.
  • Gives yunatstvo exposure to new and interesting topics.

If you or someone you know would like to either:

What: 55th Annual Debutante Ball

When: Saturday March 2nd, 2019, Registration for Debutantes **RELEASED**

Where: Sheraton Parsippany Hotel

Who: ALL

More Info: General Info: Ticket purchases:

Please review the website for additional information for this year’s Debutante Ball.


For more information, please contact [email protected]