Zenko Dzula wins this year’s pool tournament


This year’s National Pool Competition took the form of a singles tournament for the first time since its inception. The start of the tournament saw three groups of five compete in a round robin league for a top three slot.

The nine remaining players were placed into two further round robin leagues, one of five and four, but this time only the top two would progress to the semi-finals.

There were clear winners in group two, with Stefan Hnylycia the victor and Paul Pszenyczniak taking second spot.

Group one was comfortably won by Andriy Kaminskyj, but the final semi-final slot had to be decided by a playoff between Paul Hnylycia and Zenon Dzula.

In a tense game, Zenon marginally edged out Paul to secure a semi-final match with another Hnylycia, son Stefan.

Dzula was able to see off Hnylycia Junior 2-0, whilst the other semi-final had to be settled by a decider. After both having chances on the final black, it was Kaminskyj who eventually progressed through to the final 2-1.

The final also went to a deciding match, but the unfortunate Kaminskyj sank the black early in the final match to hand the victory to previous doubles champion Dzula.

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s tournament, we look forward to seeing you all next year!