Thank You


The Ukrainian Youth Association in Great Britain wishes to sincerely thank everyone who donated money, raised funds, and gave their support for the Tabir 2015 Children of Heroes Project. We have been overwhelmed by the response and many acts of kindness from near and afar resulting in the achievement of 221% of the target sum.

In our fiftieth year of tabir at Tarasivka we were proud to welcome 15 children (from 12 – 16yrs of age) from 10 different regions of Ukraine whose fathers have given their lives for an independent and European Ukraine. The aim of the project was to give the children some much needed respite and to experience participation in our annual summer camp. At the same time our youth members were able to learn and hear firsthand about the current political, social and economic situation in Ukraine and as an organization we were able to show our solidarity and support for the struggle for sovereignty. These aims were achieved and much more. The children received a warm welcome and were quickly fully integrated into life at Tarasivka, enjoying the various activities, lessons and trips and developed a greater awareness of the history of Ukrainians in the diaspora.

The project was a resounding success and there are many highlights which you can view by visiting

We are especially grateful for the support we have received from the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), Organisation of Ukrainian Women (OUZ), and Ukraine Charity.

Our experience of this project has inspired and motivated us to continue. We know there are many more children who deserve and would welcome the opportunity to attend our summer camp and we will soon be launching Children of Heroes Tabir 2016.

“Ukraine begins with you” (Vyacheslav Chornovil)

Thank you for your ongoing support

Anna Fedeczko – Holova Taborovoyi Komisiyi

Tanya Klymenko – Project Coordinator

Zenko Finiw – Holova CYM GB