Spirit of Ukraine Festival organised by Waltham Cross

The festival attended by over 600 people was held in the courtyard of the prestigious historic building Forty Hall Enfield and was aimed  at the British public to inform about  our Ukrainian identity and culture.
Musicians, singers and dancers presented a flamboyant programme for guests Enfield Mayor Ali Bakir, Nick De Bois MP for Enfiled North, Yasemin Brett Bowes and Paul Seeby Broxborne Councillors and Oleksiy Soroka co-director of  www.ukrainecharity.org.uk .
Andrij Hunder director of the Ukrainian Institute in London hosted the event.
Mayor of Enfield Ali Bakir said “It’s great to see four generations of Ukrainians living in the London area since 1947. We are mindful of the difficult times Ukraine has now and hope for a peaceful solution. MP Nick De Bois greeted everyone with Dobriy Den, and Slava Ukrayini!.”
“We want people to better understand the Ukraine” said Christine Modla – Thomas secretary of the Ukrainian Youth Association Waltham Cross. “The wonderful atmosphere of the festival will remain in everyone’s hearts, and many members of the wider British community are now more aware of our culture “
In the programme  Taras Shevchenko’s poem Testament was recited in Ukrainian and in English and a moment of silence was given for the victims of the Ukrainian liberation movement 2013-2014 .
Singing, music and dance performances were made by members of the Waltham Cross, London and Acton communities and their respective CYM branches played a major part. Market stalls from Wolverhampton and London’s Euromaidan sold traditional embroidery, books, ornaments, headdresses etc.
Artisans presented egg painting, embroidery, with the public invited to have ago at this and other crafts. Bandura Trio Skylark enchanted the audience with their folk melodies.
The heavenly voices of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church choir really embodied the spirit of Ukraine. At the end of the programme, dance group Zhnyva of Waltham Cross played traditional melodies prompting the public to join in the dancing.
The festival strengthened the bond of friendship with the British community and showed our colourful and joyous traditions that are the pride of Ukraine.